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Community Group Questions

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John 21 | Following Jesus 1. Is it possible for someone to be involved in church and not be faithfully following Jesus? 2. What things can we do to make sure that we are hearing and obeying the words of Jesus? What's at stake if we don't? 3. How does the abounding grace of Jesus to Peter encourage you this week? 4. The crucified life is not always the easy life. How do...

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5 Things to Do the Day After Easter

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Good Friday. Easter Sunday. What do you do on Average Monday?...

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Daily Advent Guide

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The Advent Season has officially begun. Advent is the Latin word for 'coming.' The church for centuries has celebrated Jesus' coming the fourSundays leading up to Christmas. Advent is a time to celebrate that Jesus cameandthat he is coming again. Each week of Advent is a celebration of the gifts that Jesus brings us: hope, peace, joy, and love. This year we have put toget...

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Weekly Updates

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I hope you're having a great week. We had such a blessed time of worship and hearing from God's word yesterday. I hope you were able to gather with us. God is doing some great things through our church. It's a very encouraging time to be a part of this fellowship!Here is what's going on this week with Christ Fellowship:We are three weeks back into the gospel of John and it...

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Holy Week Devotional

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Yesterday was Palm Sunday and the start of what the church for centuries has called Holy Week. It's a week to celebrate the greatest week of the greatest man who ever lived. It's a week to celebrate the events of the last week of Jesus. If you're anything like me, then it seems that Easter is gone faster than it comes. And it can be so easy to spend this week focused on e...

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Karen Watson's Letter

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If you worshipped with us on Sunday at Christ Fellowship, you heard this letter read in our commissioning service. It's a beautiful testimony of the infinite worth of Jesus and the joy of taking the gospel to the nations at all costs. Karen Watson was a missionary to Iraq. She gave her life to furthering the gospel in hard to reach places. It was while serving faithfully ...

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A Community of Faith, Love, and Hope

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What would you do if you came to faith in Jesus and faced persecution almost immediately? Would you turn back? Would you re-evaluate? Would you walk away from Jesus? Or would you stay faithful? This is the background of Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church. They were staying faithful in the face of persecution. They were committed to their faith. They were growing in ...

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Bible Reading Plan: Week 21

Monday, May 22 Reflect (Mark 7) Tuesday, May 23 Mark 8 Wednesday, May 24Reflect Thursday, May 25 Mark 9 Friday, May 26 Reflect Saturday, May 27 Mark 10 Sunday, May 28 Reflect Here is what you do: On the first day, read a passage from God's Word. The passage will be one or two chapters so you can read slow and take in what God's Word is saying to you. Ask yours...

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When the Bottom Falls Out

I wrote this 3 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Pray it helps someone who might be suffering today....

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Bible Reading Plan: Week 19

Monday, May 8 Reflect Tuesday, May 9 Mark 1 Wednesday, May 10 Reflect Thursday, May11 Mark 2 Friday, May 12 Reflect Saturday, May 13 Mark 3 Sunday, May 14 Reflect Here is what you do: On the first day, read a passage from God's Word. The passage will be one or two chapters so you can read slow and take in what God's Word is saying to you. Ask yourself, "What ...

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