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How to Read 1 Peter

2020 Reading Plan Images.009

Our church is reading 1 Peter in October. Here's some help....

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How to Read Isaiah

2020 Reading Plan Images.010

Our church is reading Isaiah in September. Here's some help....

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Why Works Don't Work

Works Blog.001

Half of Christians are working their way into Heaven. Here's why that won't work....

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How to Read Hebrews

2020 Reading Plan Images.007

Our church is reading Hebrews in August. Here's some help....

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How to Read Proverbs

2020 Reading Plan Images.006

Our church is reading Proverbs in July. Here's some help....

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Juneteenth, Slavery, and the Bible


What is Juneteenth all about? How should Christians think about it?...

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How to Read Romans

2020 Reading Plan Images.005

Our church will be reading the book of Romans in the month of June. Here's some help....

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How to Read 1 Samuel

2020 Reading Plan Images.004

During the month of May, we're going to be reading 1 Samuel. Here's some help. ...

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Sermons for a Pandemic

Sermons for a Pandemic.001

Got some extra time during quarantine? Here are some great sermons to listen to. ...

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7 Ways to Grow During This Pandemic

Grow During a Pandemic.002

Don't waste this pandemic on things that don't matter in the end. Instead, use this time to grow in Christ....

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Holy Week Family Worship Guide

Home Worship.003

Walk day by day with your family through the most important week ever....

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Seven Prayers for a Pandemic

7 Prayers.001

Here are seven of Paul's prayers to help us weather the storm of this worldwide pandemic....

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How to Read Acts

2020 Reading Plan Images.003

This month we will be reading the book of Acts together. Here's some help....

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Guard Your Heart from the Coronovirus


How do we keep our hearts on Jesus during the craziest of this world-wide pandemic?...

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It's All About Jesus

All About Jesus.001

The Bible is not primarily about you and what you can do for God. It's all about Jesus....

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How to Read Judges

2020 Reading Plan Images.002

We are reading Judges during the month of March. Here are some tips for reading....

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His Glory Is My Reward

My Reward.001

Read an amazing letter from a woman who gave her life for the sake of Jesus' name among the nations....

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How to Read Matthew

2020 Reading Plan Images.001

We are reading the book of Matthew during the month of February. Here are some tips....

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A Hunger for Righteousness

Hunger Blog.001

Read some great quotes on hunger and thirsting for the things of God....

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Listen to this new tune set to a wonderful hymn about being satisfied in Jesus....

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Wisdom For True Revival

Revival Quotes.002

What do some of the wisest Christians have to say about true revival?...

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The Fear of the Lord

Fear of the LORD.001

The key to a blessed life is found in fearing the Lord. Here's how you can do that today!...

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He Is Risen Indeed Part 3


What does the resurrection of Jesus have to do with our everyday lives? More than you think!...

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He Is Risen Indeed Part 2


Why does it matter that Jesus rose from the dead? Can our faith still be true if the tomb was not empty?...

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He Is Risen Indeed Part 1


Is the resurrection just wishful thinking for a bunch of ancient people? Or is it the event that changes everything?...

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The Road to Calvary Part 4

Road to Calvary.001

Jesus knows death is waiting for him in Jerusalem, but he goes to lay down his life for his friend....

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The Road to Calvary Part 3

Road to Calvary.001

Jesus is on the road to glory as the coming King. But there is something awaiting him in Jerusalem....

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The Road to Calvary Part 2

Road to Calvary.001

Jesus calls 12 men to be a new humanity and to turn the world upside down....

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The Road to Calvary Part 1

Road to Calvary.001

As Jesus beings his ministry he is testing with one central question — what kind of Messiah is Jesus going to be?...

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Fighting For Our Faith

Fight for Faith.001

Faith is not an easy thing. It's a fight. But the good news is that we don't have to fight alone....

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Running the Race of Faith

Run the Race.001

Running is hard. And so is the Christian life. How can we continue in the faith and run with endurance?...

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10 Years of Jesus' Grace

10 Year Anniversary Blog.001

Looking back on 10 years of Christ Fellowship shows us that we have been shown unmeasurable grace!...

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How Do I Know God's Will?

God's Will.001

Have you ever felt like finding and following God’s will is confusing? Well, let me clear this up for us....

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The Joy Before The Angels

Joy Before the Angels.001

God's people will forever live in the presence of God who will rejoice over them. Here's the proof....

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Dayspring From On High


What are we singing in Christmas songs? Learn the beauty behind these images of Jesus....

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Christ Is Himself Our Peace

Christ Is Our Peace.001

Life is hard and there are so many reasons to have no peace. But Christ is with us. And he is himself our peace....

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Jesus Is Faithful and True

Faithful & True.001

Life is hard. But God is faithful. Here is a list of some amazing Bible verses about the faithfulness of God....

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The Amazing New Testament

Events Website Images.073

Why is the New Testament worth reading? And what makes it so amazing? ...

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Holy Week Devotional

Events Website Images.055

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and the start of what the church for centuries has called Holy Week. It's a week to celebrate the greatest week of the greatest man who ever lived. It's a week to celebrate the events of the last week of Jesus. If you're anything like me, then it seems that Easter is gone faster than it comes. And it can be so easy to spend this week focused on e...

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Daily Advent Guide

Events Website Images.28

The Advent Season has officially begun. Advent is the Latin word for 'coming.' The church for centuries has celebrated Jesus' coming the fourSundays leading up to Christmas. Advent is a time to celebrate that Jesus cameandthat he is coming again. Each week of Advent is a celebration of the gifts that Jesus brings us: hope, peace, joy, and love. This year we have put toget...

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A Community of Faith, Love, and Hope

1 Thessalonians Blog.001

What would you do if you came to faith in Jesus and faced persecution almost immediately? Would you turn back? Would you re-evaluate? Would you walk away from Jesus? Or would you stay faithful? This is the background of Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church. They were staying faithful in the face of persecution. They were committed to their faith. They were growing in ...

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A New Logo

Christ Fellowship has a new logo. Find out what it means and what it communicates about the mission of our church....

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Have Your Way

Listen to a new song written as a prayer to go with our series through the book of James....

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A King, a Funny Name, and the Hope of the World

Immanuel is a beloved name of Jesus and a blessed name at Christmas time. But what does it mean? Where does it come from? And how does it change our lives?...

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Is God Calling You to Be Involved in Missions?

Sunday was our first ever Missions Sunday at Christ Fellowship. We are so blessed to see God stirring the hearts of so many in our church to be a part of what God's mission in the world. Here are some ways that you can consider being involved in the spreading of Christ's Kingdom throughout the whole world! ZAZA MINISTRY @ NOWRUZ FESTIVAL IN NASHVILLE | March 18-19 Join a...

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To the Ends of the Earth

Listen to an original song we've been singing at Christ Fellowship a few years now....

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Song of the Redeemed

Listen to a new original song inspired by the book of Exodus....

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What is the Lottie Moon Offering All About?

With so many peoples all around the world that do not have access to the gospel, we must pray. We must go. And we must give. Here's a video on why the Lottie Moon offering is so important....

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How Does the Lottie Moon Offering Work?

An info-graphic on how the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports the cause of global missions....

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Books on Training Our Children

Here are three great books to read on training our children in the honor and instruction of the LORD....

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Resources for Family Devotions

Want to start family devotions and don't know how? These resources will help!...

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His Resurrection

The day Jesus rose from the grave is the most important day ever in the history of the world. Read what happened that day and why it matters....

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His Annointing

Jesus is worthy of our love and devotion. Read about Mary counting Jesus more precious than even the finest of possessions....

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His Last Supper

Jesus' last supper looked back to the passover and forward to the true passover that would happen the very next day. Read about Jesus' last meal with his disciples before his death....

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His Death

Jesus faces the judgement of God for the sins of his people on the cross. Read about his death and the hope we have in him....

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His Burial

The death and burial of Jesus is the most tragic and sorrowful events of history. Read what happened as Jesus was buried and what was awaiting on the other side....

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