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Is church an event or a family?

We all find our identity in something. For Christians, it must be Christ.

God is much more amazing than the ways we often think of him.

Have you ever wondered how the church shows us Jesus? Here's how.

The world is dark right now. Here's how to speak hope.

What does it look for believers to speak the gospel to one another?

Why we need both the gospel and community?

How can Christians honor God with their decisions?

Listen to a new CFC orginial song!

What does it look like to salt and light?

What does it look for true revival in our church and in our lives?

The Christian Life is the blessed life. However, blessing does not mean that there is no suffering.

Good Friday. Easter Sunday. What do you do on Average Monday?

I wrote this 3 years ago when my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Pray it helps someone who might be suffering today.

Men's Round-Table is a monthly discuss for men around the things of God. This month, gather with us as we talk about dealing with the feelings of guilt and shame.

God is calling men to not live passionless and purposeless lives but to live more for the glory of God.

Men's Round-table this Wednesday at 7am at Starbucks Downtown

How do you get your heart ready for revival? What do you do to prepare yourself for revival?

What would it look like if God showed up at our church? What would be the evidence of God being present among us? What fruit would the Spirit bring?

Christ Fellowship Church is having a revival this weekend! Well, at least we hope we have one this weekend. Revival is a supernatural work of the Spirit among God's people through his Word. How should we pray for this upcoming weekend?

We have a montly Men's Round-Table to discuss issues of biblical manhood. Come join us!

Sometimes it's hard to know what to be looking for when reading your Bible, we encourage people at CFC to look for the gospel when you read. Here is how. . .

Every Christian should desire to listen to God speak to them. Every Christian should have a plan to read God's Word. Why not use the "New Testament Reading and Reflection Plan" from CFC?

What if your mission should be the church's mission? What if the one thing that you were called to do is the same is all other believers? Read now.

An open letter to those who are in love with their phones.

We have members of CFC in India right now and we want to be praying for them.

We are children of the King. This should change everything in our lives. Please read and keep this document "A Child of the King" for your soul.

God has really stirred the women of our church towards deeper women's ministry at our church. Women are wanting to grow in Christ and grow together. Here are some way we are praying God will do this among us.

How does God build true community? How do we see the church unified together? Only one way. . . .

Why do we gather together? Why do we sing songs? What's the goal of our gathering? Jared Wilson helps us see what our hearts should be aiming at.

How can you help with the latest building project?

Every Sunday a pastor gets up to preach and to teach the Word for the Congregation, yet does the congregation ever stop to ask "what is our role?"

In light of Sunday's sermon. . . .how priveleged are we on this side of the cross of Jesus!

The Millennial's of today are facing some of the greatest struggles of our day. We struggle with change, with getting jobs, with choosing schools, etc. However, none of these can contend with the greatest struggle of all: Being Present.

What does it look like to be a church that is sharing the gospel everyday? What does it mean to really be on mission?

Words that the world by storm. Words become common place. What if the gospel was the buzzword of our day? What if it was the buzzword of our church?

This Sunday is going to be an exciting time to celebrate all that God has done for CFC and to look forward to all that God will do in the future. Here is why I am excited and you should be too. . .

What if your Gospel is too small? Don't short change how good the good news really is.

What we miss in all of this Christmas noise? A King has come!

What can the church learn from this Ferguson moment? When the culture is swarming with confusion, do we retreat or do we speak truth? The gospel leaves us no choice.

One of the greatest enemies of the church is our love for the world. The more we love the world, the less we love Christ or the lost around us.

How does God both love sinners and love his glory at the same time? That's a hard question yet as we read from John Piper that God's answer comes in the gospel.

Tim Challies writes wise counsel for members of all churches. Counsel about how you can best be used in your church.

What do you do when life falls apart? What would you do if you were imprisoned for your faith? Read an amazing letter from Pastor Saeed who was imprisoned for his faith yet whose faith remains unshaken.

Why are you not talking to yourself? Sound weird? Speaking truth to yourself is the most important thing you will do today. Listen to this profound truth fleshed out by Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

As people who have been born into sin, we are prone to walk in pride. As believers who have been redeemed in Christ, we are redeemed to walk in humility. Read how our union with Christ frees us to walk in humility.

How do we further the mission of God without hurting the people of our city? What we learned from our study through When Helping Hurts...

Are you currently in a dating relationship? Do you desire to honor Christ as you grow together? Here is some of the best advice I have heard.

Why do we often stop short of true repentance? Why do deal with our sin in a half-hearted way? Let's see what are cheap substitutes for repentance.

As a church, we are deeply invested in taking the gospel to Haiti. We have sent teams to partner with a church in St. Marc through the Haiti Collective and now we are sending one of our own to invest their life in the people of Haiti.

What do you do when you suffer? Have you tried singing to the Lord? Check out some songs that have blessed me this week.

Do you get overwhelmed? Find out the missing piece that's make you feel that way.

What do you say to someone suffering? What do you say to someone struggling with sin? Read to find out what we can and should say.

Are we too focused on this life that the next seems blurry? Read this blog post to find out!

Is it enough to just talk about the gospel? Can we claim to be gospel-centered and yet miss what God wants for us?

Got a bad case of the Mondays? Read how yesterday's sermon can stick with you all day Monday and the rest of the week.