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Yawning At a Pretty Good God

Pretty Good God.001

The American church has grown comfortable in many ways. At best, we have gone through the motions on following Jesus in the easiest, less restrictive way as possible. At worst, we have grown cold and apathetic to the God we worship. One of the reasons the church has grown apathetic and comfortable is because the God we talk about seems simply pretty good. He is not that g...

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The Church and The Love of Jesus

Church & Love of Jesus.001

Have you ever wondered how the church helps you see Jesus? Here's how....

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7 Ways to Go During a Pandemic

Grow During a Pandemic.003

We are praying for the Lord to mobilize Christ Fellowship during this time of this pandemic....

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10 Years of Jesus' Grace

10 Year Anniversary Blog.001

Looking back on 10 years of Christ Fellowship shows us that we have been shown unmeasurable grace!...

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A New Logo

Christ Fellowship has a new logo. Find out what it means and what it communicates about the mission of our church....

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How Do We Get True Community?

How does God build true community? How do we see the church unified together? Only one way. . . ....

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Why We Worship

Why do we gather together? Why do we sing songs? What's the goal of our gathering? Jared Wilson helps us see what our hearts should be aiming at....

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The CFC Building Project

How can you help with the latest building project?...

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Christ Fellowship - An Everyday Gospel Church

What does it look like to be a church that is sharing the gospel everyday? What does it mean to really be on mission? ...

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Don't Waste This Ferguson Moment

What can the church learn from this Ferguson moment? When the culture is swarming with confusion, do we retreat or do we speak truth? The gospel leaves us no choice. ...

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