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How to Read Isaiah

2020 Reading Plan Images.010

Our church is reading Isaiah in September. Here's some help....

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How to Read Hebrews

2020 Reading Plan Images.007

Our church is reading Hebrews in August. Here's some help....

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How to Read Proverbs

2020 Reading Plan Images.006

Our church is reading Proverbs in July. Here's some help....

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How to Read Romans

2020 Reading Plan Images.005

Our church will be reading the book of Romans in the month of June. Here's some help....

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How to Read 1 Samuel

2020 Reading Plan Images.004

During the month of May, we're going to be reading 1 Samuel. Here's some help. ...

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Sermons for a Pandemic

Sermons for a Pandemic.001

Got some extra time during quarantine? Here are some great sermons to listen to. ...

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How to Read Acts

2020 Reading Plan Images.003

This month we will be reading the book of Acts together. Here's some help....

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It's All About Jesus

All About Jesus.001

The Bible is not primarily about you and what you can do for God. It's all about Jesus....

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How to Read Judges

2020 Reading Plan Images.002

We are reading Judges during the month of March. Here are some tips for reading....

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How to Read Matthew

2020 Reading Plan Images.001

We are reading the book of Matthew during the month of February. Here are some tips....

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The Joy Before The Angels

Joy Before the Angels.001

God's people will forever live in the presence of God who will rejoice over them. Here's the proof....

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Jesus Is Faithful and True

Faithful & True.001

Life is hard. But God is faithful. Here is a list of some amazing Bible verses about the faithfulness of God....

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The Amazing New Testament

Events Website Images.073

Why is the New Testament worth reading? And what makes it so amazing? ...

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Daily Advent Guide

Events Website Images.28

The Advent Season has officially begun. Advent is the Latin word for 'coming.' The church for centuries has celebrated Jesus' coming the fourSundays leading up to Christmas. Advent is a time to celebrate that Jesus cameandthat he is coming again. Each week of Advent is a celebration of the gifts that Jesus brings us: hope, peace, joy, and love. This year we have put toget...

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A Community of Faith, Love, and Hope

1 Thessalonians Blog.001

What would you do if you came to faith in Jesus and faced persecution almost immediately? Would you turn back? Would you re-evaluate? Would you walk away from Jesus? Or would you stay faithful? This is the background of Paul's letter to the Thessalonian church. They were staying faithful in the face of persecution. They were committed to their faith. They were growing in ...

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Gospel Questions to Ask for Bible Reading

Sometimes it's hard to know what to be looking for when reading your Bible, we encourage people at CFC to look for the gospel when you read. Here is how. . . ...

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5 Reasons to Read CFC's Bible Plan in 2017

Every Christian should desire to listen to God speak to them. Every Christian should have a plan to read God's Word. Why not use the "New Testament Reading and Reflection Plan" from CFC? ...

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