10 Reasons Why I Can't Wait Until Sunday

The ten reasons why I can't wait until Sunday. . .

1. This Sunday We Celebrate.  We are celebrating together our 6th anniversary as a church! For the past 6 years (since Feb 1st, 2009), we have seen God do amazing things in and through the members of Christ Fellowship. On Sunday we get to celebrate together all that the Lord has done.

2. This Sunday We Fellowship. On Sunday, we get to be together! On top of that, we welcome the members of Andrew Baptist Church to worship with us. A dear congregation from our community that has faithfully served and loved our city. We welcome them as we share in the fellowship we have together in Jesus.

3. This Sunday We Receive.  Through much prayer and desire to reach our city for Christ, Andrew Baptist Church has decided to GIVE Christ Fellowship Church their building for our ministry to expand to this community. This transition will take some time as we update the new building, but how amazing is our God and how generous are his people to give us such a blessing!

4. This Sunday We Give Thanks. We give thanks to the Lord for his amazing blessings! The blessings of saving people from our sins through the ministry of Christ Fellowship. The blessings of seeing people join our faith family every year. The blessings of new ministries, marriages changed, community groups gathered, new buildings received, people being discipled, and most of all Christ being exalted!

5. This Sunday We Remember. On the first Sunday of every year, we at CFC celebrate Covenant Sunday. On this day, we remember the great covenant that Jesus made with his people when he died on the cross and the covenant we have made with one another. A covenant we have made to love one another, pray for one another, and care for one another deeply as we seek to treasure Christ together.

6. This Sunday We Follow Jesus. We will be celebrating Christ through baptisms on Sunday. How amazing to get to witness people declaring to the world that they are forsaking the world and following Christ with his people. We should renew our committment to Christ every time we see baptisms.

7. This Sunday We Eat. If you love Jesus and chili than this Sunday will be the perfect for you. We are having a chili supper with many more goodies to go along. So come with an appetite.

8.  This Sunday We Sing. We come together to sing to the top of our lungs to sing about all that Jesus has done with us. We sing beautiful hymns that have stood the tst of time. And new songs that God has given the church. All of them sung out to lift his name high above our name and to echo the truth that he is enough for us.

9. This Sunday We Look Forward. This is not just a Sunday to look behind us and to remember what Christ has done. We also look forward with eager expectation to all that God has for us in the future. Every Sunday we should be antcipating what God will do through his Word, how he will save sinners, how he will transform marriages, how he will break strongholds of sin, and how he will show us his glory!

10. This Sunday We Lift Up Jesus. Covenant Sunday is not about Christ Fellowship. It's about our great Savior Jesus Christ! It's about how he came for us when we did not come to him! It's about how he died for us when we could not rescue ourselves! It's about he rose for us because we could not win ourselves! Like every Sunday, this Sunday is about remembering, celebrating and proclaiming Jesus. And that alone, should fill your heart with ancipation and a longing to be together.

I can't wait to see you Sunday!