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On Good Friday, we remembered the death of Jesus for our sins.

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated the beautiful truth that Jesus is alive.

But today is just Monday. Average Monday. Back to the Grind Monday. If we are not careful, we will forget the great cost that Jesus paid to rescue us from our sins. If we are not careful, we will forget that Jesus is no longer in a tomb in the Middle East. If we were honest, some of have forgotten the good news of this gospel already today. Maybe even before we left the church parking lot yesterday.

I love Easter Sunday. Most peope are crazy about New Year's Day. They love New Year's because they love the kick start of a new year. Staring new diets. Trying new hobbies. Establishing new routines that will change everything. However, nothing can compare to the complete newness of life offered at Easter.

The Resurrection is like spring, it brings new life to everything that it touches. The Spirit blows through your life making all things new because Jesus is alive.  New affections. New hatred for sin. New Purposes. New Hope. New desires to glorify Christ. Even on Average Monday.

Here are 5 Things to Do the Day After Easter:

1) Keep Rehearsing the Gospel

Churches are really good at talking about Jesus around Easter. Many churches rehearse the events of passion week during the week. Some wash each other's feet. Most celebrate the Lord's Supper. All churches (if they really are a church) sing and rejoice in the death and resurrection of Jesus.

There is no reason for this to end at midnight on Easter. Remind yourself today of the cost Jesus paid on the cross. Tell yourself again that Jesus is alive. Repeat this story to your heart today and every "average" day after this.

2) Calibrate Your Life Around the Gospel

The gospel by nature calibrates your life. The gospel doesn't leave anything unaffected. It loves to disrupt the sin that you have been clinging to and it loves to shape your life around Jesus. The gospel wants to make your life distinctly cross-shaped.

Ask yourself, "What should be different about my life now that Jesus is alive?"; "What should I stop doing because died on the cross?" ; "What should I start doing because he has risen?"  Write these answers down. Make an action plan. Maybe focus on one thing that should be different.  If your answers to these questions are "Nothing", I hope you are enjoying heaven.

3) Pause to Say "Thank You"

Too many times we receive gifts from the Lord and we remain silent. When we refuse to stop and give thanks it shows we have a sense of entitlement. We are taking grace for granted and treating Jesus like we earned his love.

The Gospel is an everflowing fountain of grace and you don't deserve a drop of it. Everyday you breathe is a day that you should be in hell. Still God loves to give grace! Give thanks today because you are covered by his blood and clothed in his righteousness. 

4) Meet Up With Another Believer To Celebrate

We know the gospel is easy for us to forget. We know that it easy for our brothers and sisters to forget. Why not call up a fellow brother today and say "I don't want to forget what we celebrated yesterday. Can we get together and celebrate over coffee?" Or call a sister in Christ and tell them, "Do you have any time to talk about Jesus this week and how good he is to us?"

My favorite question to ask men at Christ Fellowship, "What about the gospel has been good to your heart lately?" Ask this question today. Get out your phone right now. Quit playing Angry Birds. Scroll through your contacts. Call a fellow member and set up a meeting to talk about Jesus.

5) Share this Good News with Others

The first announcement of the gospel after the resurrection is Mary telling the disciples "I have seen the Lord!" This good news is so good you can't help but talk about it. 

You couldn't be quiet when you got engaged. You wouldn't dare be silent if your team one the NCAA tournament. How can you not talk about the Risen King? Make it a point today to share the good news with a friend who needs it.

I am positive the disciples Monday was not average the day after they found the empty tomb. I know Mary's Monday was anything but boring after she saw Jesus! Let's not leave Easter behind on the weekend. Jesus is alive, Church! Let's keep that story echoing day after day!