7 Ways to Go During a Pandemic

Grow During a Pandemic.003

Life has probably never been slower for God's people.  All of life has come almost to a complete halt for everyone. Your favorite restaurants have closed down. You can't visit the movie theatre or the parks. You even have to stay six feet away from friends and family that you love. 

As we saw a couple of weeks ago, this doesn't come without its blessings. We have been given so much margin to grow during this pandemic. More than any time in your life, the Lord is giving us space to get alone with him for reading the Bible and prayer. This is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to be intentional with our families.

While we have been blessed to be still, the church is also called to "Go." There is no pause button for the Great Commission.

The Lord has a mission to reach the ends of the earth with the glory of His Name. He has rescued a people for this mission. You have been redeemed to "proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light" (1 Peter 2:9). You weren't saved to social distance silently at home. You were saved to go and tell the good news. We just have to be more intentional, creative, and wise in how we share the good news today.

So how can we do that? What are some practical ways that we can use this time to GO as disciples of Jesus? Here are seven that you can do today:

1. Pray for the Nations 

With all this social distancing and countries being shut down, we might be tempted to believe the gospel and the mission of God has been shut down. However, the gospel is speeding ahead right now. The gospel can't be stopped. Read the book of Acts. And you can sit in Bowling Green and be a part of God's work to have the gospel "speed ahead" (2 Thessalonians 3:1) to other nations. Pray today for missionaries by name. Pray for the unreached people groups around the world. Here is a website that will help you pray for one unreached people group a day.

2. Reach Out to Share

I am sure we all have people we have longed to share the gospel with. Maybe it's a family member that you have never been able to share with at Thanksgiving. Maybe it's a coworker who you have set by for years and never worked up the courage to bring up Jesus to them. Why not call them today and ask them "How can I pray with you?" Or maybe say, "I have always wanted to share my story with you about how Jesus changed my life, can I tell you?"

3. Post Your Testimony to Social Media

Why not post a video of your testimony of how the Lord saved you from your sin? Make sure you talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus so that they will hear the hope of the gospel. Let's do this as a church. Post a 60-second testimony and use the #JesusSavesCFC. 

4. Prayerwalk Your Neighborhood

You might feel farther away from your neighbors right now than ever. If you are honest, you maybe have neglected the people God has intentionally placed next door to you. Use this time to walk in your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors. You might not know your neighbors but pray about whatever you see. "Lord, I pray that you would comfort that lady who is gardening with your presence right now." Or "Lord, save those three children playing on their trampoline." 

5. Prayerwalk Your Church's Neighborhood

Our church has purposefully planted in the Parker Bennett neighborhood in Bowling Green. It's not just a neighborhood that had a building for our church to meet. It wasn't just an excellent location in the city. We are here so that the gospel will be here. Why not drive to your church, park in the parking lot, and pray up and down the streets nearby? Pray that the gospel would not be stopped on your mission field. 

6. Read a Book with Someone

Reach out to a close friend or family member to read a book together. It could be a book of the Bible that you all read together on ZOOM. Or maybe they would read a book like "Coronavirus and Christ" by John Piper and you could discuss what they learned. Here is the website for a free PDF of the book in various languages: "Coronavirus and Christ."

7. Share As You Go

The Lord has not fallen asleep during the COVID-19. And the Lord, who has "determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place" (Acts 17:26), has providentially put people in our path to hear the gospel. So as you are going (which is the literal meaning of "Go" in the Great Commission - Matthew 28:18-20), share the gospel with the lady gardening from the street. Speak about Jesus to the cashier at Kroger. Share the hope of Jesus with the people you pass on the sidewalks in the Parker Bennett neighborhood. 

Remember, there is no pause button on the Great Commission. Let's be faithful not only to be still and grow during this time. Let's be faithful to still go with the good news of the gospel. As Carl Henry once said, "It's only good news if it gets there on time!"