I shared with the church one of my greatest struggles on Sunday. It's one that can cripple me on a Monday when I am facing a long week. It's one that can consume after I have sinned because I believe I am a failure. It's Satan's greatest bullet in his arsenal on any given week. To be honest, it's probably one of the greatest struggles for all Christians. 

Our greatest struggle is to live in light of how God sees us instead of how we see ourselves. 

We often see ourselves more as failures than part of the family of God. We see ourselves as sinners rather than saints. We see ourselves losers rather than loved by the Father. We see ourselves as slaves instead of as redeemed sons of God.

The gospel speaks a better truth to our hearts than the lies our hearts try to tell us. As we heard Sunday, we are redeemed sons loved more than we could ever imagine. We are closer to God than we could ever have hoped. We are richer in Christ than this world could ever get close to touch.

Our hope is in hearing the truth of the gospel. Telling ourselves the gospel. Reminding each other of the gospel. Clinging to the gospel. Because it's the gospel that we find who we truly are: Sons of God. Children of God.

Here is the biblical mediation I read at the end of the service on Sunday called  "I Am a Child of the King" by Ed Laymance. Print it off today. Stick it in your bible. Read the verses to your heart. Live in it's truth.