A Lament for the Pandemic

Lamentations Blogs.003

Turning to God

Heavenly Father, you are sovereign over every living thing, even viruses. There is not one strand of this virus around the world that moves, infects, kills against your will. This virus continues, because you allow it to. And so, we turn to you now Father, and ask, how long?

Bringing Our Complaint

How long must we wait for this to pass? How long must we be isolated from one another? How long will people continue without community? How long must your church, burdened by love of neighbor to isolate, forgo the sweet communion you give us both in our assembly and in the meal of your covenant love, your supper? How long will this virus continue to kill around the world? How long will the ill among us have to remain indoors? How long will unemployed due to this virus remain without livelihoods to provide for their families? How long must we bring these complaints to you, O Lord?

Asking Boldly For Help

Consider these pleas and help us, O LORD. Let these vaccines be effective. Let them be dispersed quickly and efficiently. Let further clarity on this virus be discovered and consensus be reached on how to combat it and move out of isolation. Give wisdom to your church on how to navigate these complicated and evolving issues. Give patience and love to your church, to CFC; enable us to see the best in all intentions, to be humble in our own assessments, and quick to listen. Bring us out of this pandemic and again to meet as one. Let the rows in this room no longer be separated by 6 feet and masks. Let us praise you arm in arm, with shouts of praise - praise of how great you were in the midst of the pandemic and how gracious you were to bring us out of it at the time you saw fit. Please Lord, give us these things. We ask to see more of your glory displayed among us corporately in praise and in this community. Please do this.

Choosing To Trust

Nevertheless, Father, you are continually with us and we choose to trust you. In Jesus, you have a secure hold of us. You guide us with your counsel, and afterward, you will receive us to glory. Whom have we in heaven but you? There is nothing on Earth that we need to desire besides you. Our flesh and our hearts may fail, but God, you are the strength of our hearts. You are our portion, forever.