God wants to speak to you.

What an amazing thought? The God of heaven. The one who spoke all of creation into existence. The one who saved Israel through the Red Sea. The one who gave the promised land. And the one who sent his only Son to live, die and be raised for us. The Living God.

He wants to talk to you. Every. Single. Day.

Why would you not take the time to step away from the cell phone? Why would you not turn off the TV? Why not turn down the music, step away from the computer, and pause from the laundry to listen?

God wants to talk to you. God wants to extend his grace to you. God wants to make you like Jesus.

5 reason to use CFC's "New Testament Reading and Reflection Plan":

  • It's not overwhelming. Many Bible reading plans are pretty overwhelming. We are asked to read 5 to 6 chapters a day. We usually quit before we can say Leviticus. We designed this plan for 1 to 2 chapters everyday. Everyone can stop for 10 minutes a day and listen to God speak. 
  • It's good for the heart. We designed this plan so that you don't just read and check a box. You read to hide God's Word in your heart. We designed the plan so you can meditate. You can reflect and rest in God's Word. You have space for your heart to be affected by His Word.
  • It's good for the mind. Many reading plans are too many chapters to read a day so you have no space to learn God's Word. There is no deep thinkning about the truths. This plan leaves space to read a commentary or study Bible so you can grow in your knowledge of God's Word.
  • It's good for community. It's one thing to read the Word for your own heart and mind but what could be more unifying than reading the Bible together. We pray that God will use this plan so we can read and discuss what God is teaching us in His Word. You will be reading 3 to 8 chapters a week which leaves plenty room to discuss with another believer in the church.
  • It's good for prayer.  Many times the Bible reading plans that I use are so long that I can spend 30 to 45 minutes reading the Bible. This plan gives more time to pray the Word of God that reading each day. Let listening to God's Word each day drive you to want to share your heart through prayer with God. 

Why not make it a priority to read His Word in 2017? Why not discipline yourself for godliness this new year? Why not just shake yourself and remind yourself "God wants to speak to me today!"?

God is still speaking? Will you be listening? 

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