Family Worship Guide

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We are living in interesting days. These days are like nothing that we have ever experienced. The good news is that the Lord is not surprised by these circumstances. He didn't wake up last week wondering "Where did this virus come from?" The Lord is and always will be reigning on his throne. He is always bringing about his providential purposes for his people.

One of the purposes that I have been pressing is to "be still and present with your family." The Lord in his kindness has given us more time than ever to be present with our families. We have the opportunity to be intentional with our spouses and our children like we never have before. Let's press into one another in our homes.

We want to provide this resource to Christ Fellowship families every week. Maybe family devotions are unsual for your family. That's OK. Use this guide below to help your family focus on the Lord this week. It should take less than 10 minutes. It would be a great tool for around the dinner table or in the living room before bed. 

DAY 1 — Monday 

  • Have someone read Matthew 5:21-22.
  • Discuss these questions as a family:
    • How does Jesus in this passage show us the deeper meaning of the 6th commandment "You shall not murder"?
    • How does this help us take all sins seriously and not just the "big" sins?
  • Close in Prayer:  Ask the Lord to search your heart and help you repent of all sins.

DAY 2 — Tuesday

  • Have someone read Matthew 15:17-19.
  • Discuss these questions as a family:
    • Why is our greatest problem not outside of us but inside of our hearts?
    • How should this change the way we blame others for our actions?
    • If our greatest problem is our sinful hearts, how do we change them?
  • Close in Prayer: Ask the Lord to change you deeply from the inside out.

DAY 3 — Wednesday 

  • Have someone read Matthew 5:23-24.
  • Discuss these questions as a family:
    • What does Jesus say we should do first, worship God or go make things right with our brother?
    • Why does Jesus care about our relationships with one another?
    • Can you think of a time where you were angry and had to make things right?
  • Close in Prayer:  Ask the Lord to help you forgive and to let go of all your anger.

DAY 4 — Thursday 

  • Have someone read Matthew 5:25-26.
  • Discuss these questions as a family:
    • Why is it important that we obey quickly and not put off obedience until tomorrow?
    • What happens when we let anger build up in our hearts like a clogged drain?
    • How do you need to obey God right now? 
  • Close in Prayer: Ask the Lord to help you obey him and love others today.

Day 5 — Friday

  • Have someone read Romans 5:10-11.
  • Discuss these questions as a family:
    • Do you see yourself as an enemy of God? Why or why not?
    • How does Jesus make a way for his enemies to now become his friends?
  • Close in Prayer:  Thank the Lord for sending Jesus Christ to reconcile us to himself.