Family Worship Guide

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We want to provide this resource to Christ Fellowship families every week. Maybe family devotions are unusual for your family. That's OK. Use this guide below to help your family focus on the Lord this week. It should take less than 10 minutes. It would be a great tool for around the dinner table or in the living room before bed. 

DAY 1 — Monday 

  • READ: Genesis 1:2–5
  • TALK About These Questions:
    • What does God do to overcome the chaos and darkness in verse 2?
    • How can God's Word give us light to our lives?
  • PRAY: Ask the Lord to let his Word be a light for your life.

DAY 2 — Tuesday

  • READ: Genesis 1:6–13
  • TALK About These Questions:
    • What does Genesis 1 keep saying after God creates something?
    • Why is important to remember that this world is full of God's goodness?
  • PRAY: Ask God to help you trust in his goodness in your life.

DAY 3 — Wednesday 

  • READ Genesis 1:14–23
  • TALK About These Questions:
    • How do the stars in the sky declare the glory of God?
    • Why should we live for the glory of God?
  • PRAY: Spend time asking God to help you bring him glory like the stars.

DAY 4 — Thursday 

  • READ Genesis 1:24–27
  • TALK About These Questions:  
    • What things do you see God giving in Genesis 1?
    • How has God been generous to you?
  • PRAY: Spend some time thanking God for all the ways he is generous to you.

Day 5 — Friday

  • READ Genesis 1:28–31
  • TALK About These Questions:
    • Why do you think God blessed humans in verse 28?
    • What does it mean to have God's blessing in Jesus?
  • PRAY: Spend some time praising the Lord for the blessings we have in Christ.