Food for My Soul


Shepherds don't let sheep go hungry. It's one of their primary roles that their sheep are well fed and taken care of. To leave his sheep in the field to go run to McDonald's to feed himself is to neglect them. They will not be able to find food for themselves. Instead, they will probably become wolf meat.

Sometimes I feel hungry in my own soul. I feel like I don't know what my soul really needs for nourishment. Unfortunately, when I try to feed myself I try to be nourished off of junk food. Like feasting off of Netflix. I eat more and more Twitter or Facebook. Or even nibbling again and again by scrolling through the CNN news feed. All of this is like trying to live off of Twizzlers and Coca-Cola.

However, our Savior is a Good Shepherd. He wants his people to be nourished and well-fed on the good food for our souls. Listen to Psalm 23, "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul."  

Our Good Shepherd is leading us to places of rest and nourishment for our souls. He is wanting to feed us and care for us right now. Believe this for the good of your soul! 

Sometimes it's the right verse at the right time from God's Word like Psalm 23.  Or it's a sweet time of prayer in a quiet place. Other times it's an encouraging and timely word from a brother or a call from sister to remind you of who you are in Christ. The Shepherd knows what we need more than we do. Believe right now that you have all you need in Jesus who cares for you. You shall not want in Jesus.

This week, the Good Shepherd fed my soul through the Together For the Gospel Conference. Typically, we take a group of men to Louisville to fellowship, sing and hear God's Word together. However, due to COVID-19, we had to watch this week through live stream. Despite this change, the Lord graciously fed my soul. It was just what my heart needed. 

I wanted to share 10 Gospel Gems from these sermons that were so good for my soul and I hope they are a blessing to your soul too:

1)  In a sermon on being captured by Christ, Richard Chin shared this beautiful truth about the Christian life:

"It is not due to our lack of effort but due to our lack of acquiantance with our privileges in Christ." 

2)  David Platt shared this wonderful quote from the life of Charles Simeon

"There are but two lessons for the Christian to learn: The one is to enjoy God in every thing ; the other is to enjoy every thing in God."

3)  We heard about the astonishing love of the King who suffered for his people from Greg Gilbert's message "What is (and is not) the Gospel?" 

"The only way you can be included in the kingdom is through the blood of the King's cross. If you leave out the cross, you will preach a kingdom that no rebel can a part of. Leave out the cross and it's not good news."

4)  Dr. R. Albert Mohler offered this encouraging word about the gospel:

"The Gospel can be shared in a short time but it can't be exhausted in a lifetime."

5)  One of my favorite verses in all the Bible is Romans 8:32, John Piper encouraged our hearts with breaking down the logic of this verse:

"If God did the hardest thing in giving us His Son, he will not fail in giving us the easier thing—all things in Christ for all eternity!"

6)  Have you wondered why Jesus loves you? Trip Lee helped us while preaching on the beauty of the love of God:

"Jesus' love is not based on our character, it's based on His."

7)  Kevin DeYoung shared this encouraging word on prayer in light of God's goodness:

"No request is to big to be a burden to God; no supplication is to small to be a bother."

8) Kevin DeYoung also shared this breathtaking quote on the goodness of the Father:

"He is the true Father, that has a quicker pace in meeting than the prodigal in returning" - Stephen Charnock

9) Ed Moore gave a strong encouragement to pastors on "fulfill your ministry" from 2 Timothy 4:5. This gospel encouragement was helpful for my soul:

"Jesus fulfilled his ministry and he did so perfectly. The gospel is of first importance and the foundation to your ministry. So fix your eyes on Jesus and don't even blink."

10) Finally, Mark Dever concluded the conference with looking towards the Last Day:

"God is particularly glorified by His use of weak instruments as you and me to save sinners."

What an encouraging and timely conference during these strange days! I am thankful for faithful pastors who preach God's Word to us. I am thankful for a church that graciously gives me the opportunity to receive this teaching. Most of all, I am thankful for a Good Shepherd that always knows what food this hungry soul needs.