We are having a revival this weekend at Christ Fellowship. At least we are praying for one.

A revival is not something you can schedule on the calendar. It's not something that your church manufactures. It's not something that any preacher can specialize in bringing to a church.  

A revival is a supernatural work of God. It's God showing up in a real way. It's God invading a people and a place and having his way. It's God bringing new life to your church through His Spirit and the Word. It's God changing a people for his glory. 

Do you long for revival? Do you long for God to move among your church? Than I am asking you to pray for this upcoming weekend so that God might prepare your heart and the heart of his church.

How do you pray for revival?

1) Pray for the Preacher - Pray for Curtis Woods is coming to bring God's Word to us. Pray that God would give him clarity. Pray that he would have freedom in the Spirit to preach boldly. Pray that he would preach with conviction and passion. Pray that we wouldn't just see him but Jesus through him.

2) Pray for the Church - Pray that the people would come longing to hear from God. We would desire for God to have his way among us as a people. Pray that we would be doers of the Word and not just hearers only (James 1:22-25). Pray that God would unify, encourage and build up his church.

3) Pray for the Lost-  Pray that God would convict people of their sin. Pray that people would no longer treasure the world and their sin. Pray that they would see Jesus clearly. 

4) Pray for Your Heart- Pray that God would convict YOU, challenge YOU, change YOU, and conform YOU into the image of Jesus for the glory of God! 

5) Pray with Expectation-  We serve a glorious God that loves his glory more than you do! We serve a beautiful God who wants his church to be beautiful more than you do! We serve a glorious God that sent his only Son to bring salvation and wants people saved more than you! Let's pray expecting God to move among us! Let's pray longing for God to move among us! 

Will you pray with me?