We have been encouraged lately by a stirring that we have heard among the women of Christ Fellowship. We have had wonderful conversations with women who are longing for deeper relationships among the women of the church. We are praying that God will use this stirring to build up the women of our church. 

Here are a few things that we can do together to build this discipleship culture:

Be Creative. We know that women's lives can be crazy during different periods of life. Students have school work to finish. Women work late hours at jobs. And other women have a couple kiddos handing on their legs. Find ways to meet late at night or during naps for kids. Be flexible and creative to make times to get together.

Be Intentional. If you are interested in discipling someone or being discipled than reach out to others. Don't be ashamed to want to know Christ more. Or don't be afraid to tell someone younger in their faith that you want to pour into them.

Use Community Groups. These groups are formed for the purpose of growing in and around the gospel together. Use the group that you are in to deepen relationships within the church. Think of one person in your group that you can get together over coffee with this month and talk about Jesus. Maybe offer to buy.

Give a Time Frame. Sometimes we can be intimidated to commit to something because we don't know when it will end or if it ever will. Tell each other your expectations: "Let's get coffee once a month this year" or "Let's read this one book in 6 weeks together."

Reach Out to People Different from You. It's easy to meet with single women if you are single, or married women if you are married. Mix it up a little bit. If you are a younger college student, reach out to an older lady in the church or young mom. This is Titus 2. This is the body of Christ.

Help Serve Others. Maybe it's hard to read the Bible in a month together. One way you can grow together is coming over and lending a hand. Bring Starbucks to a mom with a few kids and spending 30 minutes together. Or help a community group host mom cook by showing up early. Serving one another will help you grow closer to one another.

Share Your Story. Some women just need to get to know others. Listen to each other's testimonies. Hear what God is teaching others and tell them how God is working in your life. Get to know one another's hearts and share your stories.

Godly Women's Ministry Needs Godly Men: Always. Always. Always give your wives a pass to meet with other women in the church. Don't allow discipleship to be a burden because you don't want to watch the kids. Always encourage and spur your wives towards these godly relationships in the church.