How to Read 1 Peter

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During the month of October, our church will be reading the book of 1 Peter. Use this study guide to help you as read this amazing book.

What’s 1 Peter All About?

Peter’s first letter to the churches of Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey) is all about living in this world as exiles. Because these churches have given their faith and allegiance to Jesus, they now belong to him. This world is no longer their home. Peter writes to give them instructions on how to live as exiles in this world.

Peter’s short letter couldn’t be more helpful to us today. We, too, live in a world that is not our home. Peter calls us in the letter to pursue holiness. He challenges us to stay faithful to Christ even when facing ridicule and persecution. He instructs us on honoring Christ in our homes. And he points us to the great hope we have as the chosen people of Jesus our King.

Outline of the Book

1:1–2     | Greetings and Introduction
1:3–12   | The Church’s Living Hope
1:13–25 | Be Holy as God is Holy
2:1–12   | Living as God’s Chosen People
2:13–25 | Be Subject to Human Authority
3:1–7     | Instructions for Marriage
3:8–22   | Suffering for Doing Good
4:1–11   | Live No Longer as the World
4:12–19 | Suffering for Christ’s Sake 
5:1–5     | Instructions for Church Elders 
5:6–11   | Humble Yourselves Before the Lord
5:12–14 | Final Greetings

Things to Look For

Look for ways to live as exiles in this world. The major theme of this book is how we are to live in a world that is not our home. Look for ways to be different than the world.

Look for ways to be encouraged in suffering. This letter has some great passages on suffering. Let them encourage you. Let them instruct you. Let them be a blessing as we face many sorrows in life.

Look for practical ways to live a holy life. This letter has some very practical ways to live as the holy people of Jesus. Look for those specific commands and instructions on holiness.

Look for the hope of heaven. Everything in this letter in grounded in the great hope we have in Christ. Look for ways that Peter is constantly pointing us to hope that we forever have in him.

Look for Jesus. This letter has some beautiful passages about the work of Christ. Look for ways that Peter roots how we live in the complete and finished work of Christ our Savior and King.

Tips for Reading

The book of 1 Peter is a short letter. It will only take you about 15 minutes to read the whole book. So here are some suggestions on how to read this month:

  • Read a chapter a day to read the book 6 times
  • Read about half a chapter a day to read the book 3 times
  • Read a chapter each weekday and the whole letter on Sundays to read the book 8 times
  • Read about 4 verses a day to read the whole letter slowly
  • Read the whole letter every day for the whole month

Take your time as you read. Since this is a short letter there is the opportunity to slow down and really take in what you read. Don’t just read to read. Read to commune with God through his Word.

Look for one practical way to grow each time you read. Ask yourself, how does God want me to obey what I’ve ready? And look for one thing you can do that week to grow in your relationship with Christ.