If you are anything like me, you can always feel like you could do more.

. . . Or you feel like the little you have done is not enough.

. . . Or you can feel like what you have done is too wrong to ever be forgiven.

I know this to be true because I talk to men weekly about their lives and the Word of God. Feeling guilty is almost like breathing to some men.

There are men that compare themselves to others and feel like they will never be good enough. They can look at their busy schedules and believe they will never do enough. Some look at the sin of their past and believe they will never be forgiven enough. Or maybe their struggle is found in not being gifted enough or sacrifical enough or selfless enough. Simply put, most of us feel like we are not enough.

The place we must start is with the eternal enoughness of Jesus. Jesus has enough forgiveness for all your guilt and shame. Jesus has enough grace to make you what he needs. Jesus has enough morning mercies to make this day different. Jesus is enough treasure to satisfy you. Jesus is enough rest to quiet your heart. Jesus is enough peace to calm your condemnation. Jesus is enough power to transform your walk. Jesus is enough.

One of the ways we need to grow as men is seeing how we cling to the gospel when Satan falsely accuses us of being guilty AND how to run to the gospel when we face real guilt that is warranted. 

On Wednesday April 26th, we will gather at the Starbucks downtown at 7AM to discuss the gospel and Kevin DeYoung's great article "Should Christians Feel Guilty All the Time?"

Let's speak the gospel into each other's hearts and discover how we can handle the guilty of our hearts in a godly manner for the glory of God!

See you there!

The Article:  "Should Christians Fell Guilty All the Time?"  (Click Here)