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The Easter season is upon us. Often, it comes so quickly that we miss it. There is something good and right about having seasons to reflect on the beauties of Jesus. Easter is a wonderful season to reflect on the life of Jesus. I'm hoping that this poem helps you prepare for the coming of Easter. But more than that, I'm praying that it helps you see Jesus and treasure him today.

O see him there in glorious light
The One whose praise the angels tell
The Father's Son, his true Delight
Now coming down, Immanuel

O see him there, the Word made flesh
The Maker of the moon and stars
The Giver of all life and breath
Now sleeping in his mother's arms

O see him there in Jordan’s stream
The Chosen One, God’s own Beloved
The Bringer of true Jubilee
Now going to display his love

O see him there among the crowds
The Shepherd seeking his lost sheep
The Friend whose grace for us abounds
Now showing sinners kindness deep

O see him there upon the beast
The Coming King! The Blessed One!
The Son of David humble, meek
Now riding to Jerusalem

O see him there with bread and cup
The Host with mercy like a flood
The Priest of the New Covenant
Now off'ring up his flesh and blood

O see him there, his darkest hour
The Man of Sorrows grieved and still
The Son under temptation’s power
Now trusting in his Father’s will

O see him there betrayed and bound
The Silent Lamb mocked and despised
The Holy One with cursed crown
Now laying down his spotless life

O see him there at Calvary’s mount
The Innocent man hangs condemned
The Servant crushed on our account
Now shedding blood to cover sin

O see him there upon the cross
The Son of God in anguish cries
The Sacrifice of highest cost
Now giving up his breath he dies

O see him there laid in the grave
The Resurrection and the Life
The Lamb of God for sinners slain
Now waiting for the dawning light

O see him there at break of day
The Lord of Life takes in a breath
The Savior's blood flows through his veins
Now conq’ring over sin and death

O see him there exalted high
The Risen Christ, Anointed King
The Lord sits at the Father's side
Now reigning over everything

O see him there upon the clouds
The Son of Man returns again
The Name to whom all knees will bow
Now welcoming the praise of men

O see him there, all things made new
The First and Last, the Morning Light
The Groom, the Faithful and the True
Now dwelling ever with his Bride

O see him there, the Lord of lords
The Cornerstone, the Kings of kings
The Portion and our great Reward
Now treasure him above all things