Resources for Family Devotions

Family devotions are like exercising. They sounds like a great idea, but for many there're just so difficult to actually do. The good news is that family devotions are not incredibly difficult. You don't have to be a pastor. You don't have to have a seminary degree. You don't have to have completed a family devotions training. In my sermon Train Your Children, from the book of Proverbs, I suggested that one of the ways we can better teach our children is by doing regular family devotions. And all it takes is opening the Bible, talking about it, and praying. 

Now I know for some that is easier said than done. So I've compiled a list of great resources to help you and your spouse starting leading your family in regular devotions:

A Beginer's Guide to Family Worship, Windfield Bevins


This is a great little book on the topic of how to lead your family in a time of devotion. It covers how to teach the faith and how to help our children memorize Scripture.


Long Story Short, Marty Machowski

Long Short

This book is a collection of ten-minute devotions to for you to do with your children. It covers 78 Old Testament stories with a Christ-centered focus. There is plenty of good Bibilcally sound material in this book to cover with your children.

Paperback  |  Kindle

Old Story New, Marty Machowski

Old New

This book is the follow up to Machowski's Long Story Short. Just like the Old Testament volume, this book covers 78 different New Testament stories with lots of great ways to help your students learn about the faith. 

Paperback  | Kindle

North Star Catechism, Sojourn Kids

North Star

A Catechism is set of questions and answers that when memorized help us learn the doctrine of the Christian faith. Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, has created a catechism for children that starts as early as 3 years old. 

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