Sermons for a Pandemic

Sermons for a Pandemic.001

Life can feel so busy sometimes. It can seem like we have one thing right after another. It feels like we just don't have any time to stop and focus on Jesus. But now the coronavirus is here. And the stay-at-home orders have simplified our lives. We have extra time to spend with our families. We have extra time to get things done around the house. We have extra time to press into our relationship with Jesus.

Last week, I wrote about 7 ways to grow during this pandemic. One of my suggestions was to listen to sermons. So here are a few sermons series that will help you grow closer to Jesus during this pandemic:


This is a short two-week series on abiding with Christ. It covers our union with Christ and communion with him. If you want to use this time to really grow in your relationship with Jesus, this is a great little series.

A Church of the Word

This is a three-week series all about the Word of God. It covers how we are to be in the Word, speaking the word to one another, and proclaiming the word to others. If you want to grow in your love for the Word of God, this is a great series.

Christ Is Enough

This is a 17-week series through the book of Colossians. This letter of Paul has some of the loftiest teachings about Christ and some of the most practical instructions for life. If you want to connect the glories of Christ with your everyday life, this is a great series. 

Pilgrim People: The Songs of Ascent

This is a 15-week series through a collection of psalms called the Songs of Ascent. These were songs the people of Israel would sing as they went to the temple in Jerusalem to worship. If you're looking for the light of hope in these dark days, this is a great series.

Men's Fellowship Sermons

We have been blessed to have so many faithful men preach for us. There are lots of great topics and issues covered in these sermons. If you want to grow as a godly man, this is a great series.

Find more sermons by sorting through our series here.