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There is no shortage of scepticism toward the New Testament. For centuries people have denied its truthfulness. It’s been seen as a warped history of an ordinary man, designed to gain power and oppress people’s freedoms. It’s been viewed as the naive, misguided hopes of weak people. It’s been disregarded as the pathetic attempt of ancient people to find ultimate meaning and purpose in a man they loved. Just turn on the History Channel and you’ll see a new show every Easter and Christmas debunking the New Testament.

But as people who have experienced the life-changing power of its story, we believe the New Testament is nothing short of amazing. 

Sadly though, the 27 books that make up the New Testament often seem too familiar and too ordinary. Many Christians grow up hearing and reading the New Testament. And our familiarity can actually keep us from seeing just how amazing this collection of ancient writings truly is. So here are three reasons why the New Testament is truly amazing and why reading it can bring us life and transformation.

It’s About the Amazing Beginning of Christianity

The New Testament is a window into the earliest days of the Christian movement. It contains first-hand, eyewitness accounts of the events during this time period. There are narrative accounts that give us the details of the amazing things that happened. There are letters written to some of the very first Christian communities showing us just how transformative the Christian message and movement was. There are detailed explanations of the theology and beliefs of the earliest Christians. There are poems and songs that reveal the heart and soul of this new movement. There are even prophetic messages and visions of the profound hope that these Christians lived and died for.

When we read the New Testament, we are transported into the world of the early church. We get to see first hand this multi-ethnic, multi-national grassroots movement of people who could not deny what they had seen and heard. And we get the opportunity to be transformed by this amazing message just as they were.

It’s About the Amazing Conclusion of the Old Testament

The New Testament is the epic conclusion of the ancient writings that we call the Old Testament. The Jewish people believed that through their collection of laws and history and poetry the God of the universe was speaking. Through generations of divine actions and their written accounts, God was revealing his plans and purposes for his people and the entire world. But when we get to the end of this collection, it stops without an ending. Every promise is left hanging. Every prophetic word is left without fulfilment. Every story is left waiting for its finale. The New Testament is that amazing ending to all the promises and plans and prophecies of the Old Testament.

When we read the New Testament, we are witnessing the incredible final act to everything that has gone before. We get to see how every promise is kept, how every prophecy is fulfilled, how every story comes to its beautiful end. And we get the opportunity to take part in God’s amazing plan and purpose for all of human history and beyond.

It’s About the Most Amazing Man to Ever Live

The New Testament is about the most amazing man who ever lived. There is and there will never be anyone like Jesus Christ. No one has ever done the things he did. No one has ever said the things he said. No one has ever had a bigger impact on history like he has. No one has ever transformed people like he has. No one has ever gathered together people from nations and tribes and tongues all over the world like he has. No one has ever been crucified and raised on the third day. The New Testament is amazing because it gives us eyewitness accounts of what this amazing man did and continued to do even after he left earth and returned to heaven.

When we read the New Testament, we are gazing into the life and impact of the most amazing man to ever live. We get to see first hand the ways he taught, the ways he lived, the ways he loved. And we get the opportunity to plunge into the depths that are the greatness and goodness and glory of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.


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