The CFC Building Project

I hope you are as encouraged as I am to see what God is doing in and through Christ Fellowship Church. These are truly memorable days to be a part of God's mission to be "A Community of All People. For Christ. For His Church. For Our City."

This week we have been blessed to have volunteers from Cullman, Alabama come to help us reach our city for Christ. Through hammering nails, putting up walls and laying down floor they will be instrumental in CFC reaching the Parker Bennett neighborhood in the years ahead. They are just now completing their second day on the job and they are already making much progress.

Some of you might be wondering how you can participate over the next two weeks. Here are some ways that you can really help the building project:

Rejoice. Be thankful to the Lord for giving us this great gift through the members of Andrew Baptist. And give thanks for these men and women from Cullman who have come to help reach our city for Christ.

Pray. Over the next two weeks, pray for safety for the workers who will be on the roof and doing hard labor for the kingdom. Pray that our neighbors would be interested in seeing what God is doing and asking questions. Pray that this week would help advance the gospel in our beautiful city.

Introduce Yourself and Say Thank You. Come to the Andrew building over the next two weeks and say "Thank You." These men and women have given up vacation time and laid aside their personal schedules for the kingdom. Let's make sure they know how thankful Christ Fellowship is for their hard work and love for our city.

Lend a Hand. When you visit, ask if you can help. Maybe you have the ability to hammer a nail or pick up scraps that need to be taken to the dumpster. Maybe you can run an errand for the team. Let's see this project as our project too and help out. Or maybe you can bring by drinks or desserts. We should seek to be a hospitable church through giving a hand in the work or passing out a cold drink while it's hot.

Share Our Vision. Every member should see themselves as ambassadors for the gospel and for the mission of Christ Fellowship. Be present for neighbors who come by and want to know what is going on. Neighbors will be by the building asking questions about what is going on. Let's talk to them about what God is doing and share the gospel with our neighbors.

May God bless every nail driven and every conversation for the next two weeks for His Glory!