What is the Fruit of True Revival?

What does it look like when God visits our church on Sunday? What would happen if God's presence showed up in a real way? What if God brought true revival to his people? What would it look like?

Real revival is not emotionalism. It's not the church getting worked into a frenzy.

Real revival is not excitement. People can get excited at a sporting event and God not be in it.

Real revival is not entertaining. It's not about hearing a great message from a great man.

JI Packer gives us 5 fruits of true revival in his book "God in Our Midst." He says every time you see God bring real revival these fruits appear as well. . . .

1) Awareness of God's Presence: When God shows up people know it during true revival. There is a sense that God has drawn near to his people. God's people know and see God's holiness and majesty.

2) Responsiveness to God's Word: God's Word is clearly seen as from God. It pierces our hearts and our minds and changes us. God's people know God is speaking to them.

3) Sensitiveness to Sin: God humbles his people. God's holiness exposes our unholiness. We know we are not God. God's people know we are sinners.

4) Liveliness in Community: God shows up and so does love among God's people. We begin to be unified and there is a harmony around God and his love for us.

5) Fruitfulness of Testimony:  God shows up and changes us. God's people want to talk about who God is and what he has done among us. 

Would you pray for revival with us? Would you pray that God brings this real fruit through His Spirit?