What CFC Needs From You

Every Christian is valuable to the local church. Not just the pastors. Not just the deacons. And not just the girl that sing like Mariah Carey.

What every Christian needs are moments of meditation on how they can more faithfully serve Christ and love his people.

On Monday, Tim Challies wrote a great meditation for me and I pray it is beneficial to you. He offers great counsel for us in how we as members of Christ Fellowship can best benefit for one another. Here is what he said:

Here are some of the things I came up with: 7 things your church needs from you.

Your church needs you to. . .

…Be Humble

…Prioritize Church

…Consider Giving God a Day 

…Live Like a Christian All Week Long 

…Get to Know People Not Like You 

…Learn Generosity

…Be a Great Church Member

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