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What to Expect


Thanks for your interest in Christ Fellowship Church. We would love to have you join us for worship on any Sunday morning. Here are some things to expect when you visit with us:

1. Expect to Worship Jesus

Christ Fellowship is all about Jesus. Each Sunday we gather to lift high the glory of God in his Son, Jesus Christ. We don't gather to celebrate how great we are. Instead, our goal is celebrate how great he is. He is the focus of our singing, our prayers, our sermons, our giving, and our taking of the Lord's Supper. Everything we do is for Jesus.

2. Expect Contemporary Music with Deep, Biblical Content

Our music style is contemporary with a band providing the accompaniment. However, our main concern is the content of the songs. We sings praise songs, hymns, modern hymns — anything with good, Christ-centered lyrics. Expect to stand (if you are able) for four to five songs.

3. Expect Prayer and Scripture Readings

We value communion with God through prayer. During the service we will pray many times. Usually a pastor will voice a prayer for the things going on in our church, for other churches in the area, and for our community. We also value the public reading of the Word (1 Tim 4:13). We often read rather long passages of Scripture. It's God's word to us and we want to hear it!

4. Expect to Hear Sermons Series from Books of the Bible

Our sermons are most often expository sermons — that means we preach through books of the Bible, rather than on topics. Expect our sermons to last 30 to 40 minutes. The preaching of the Word is the climax of the worship service.

5. Expect to Take the Lord's Supper

The Lord's Supper is a special time when we remember the death and resurrection of Christ and proclaim his return. At Christ Fellowship we celebrate coming to Jesus' table weekly. Each week we remember his death, we proclaim his resurrection & return, and we celebrate the unity of the church. The Lord's Supper is for baptized believers in Christ. Expect to come to the front and take bread from one loaf and be poured a cup of grape juice.

6. Expect that We Will Love Your Children

We believe that children are blessing from the Lord and a wonderful picture of how to receive the Kingdom of God (Luke 18:17). We provide children's classes for children up to 5 years old. We will take good care of your children and provide a good and beneficial time while their parents are in worship.