Lamentations Blogs.002

Turning to God

O God, you are great and awesome. You are holy and in control of all things. So we turn to you now. We turn to you confessing our sin. And we ask, God how long must we continue in our sin? How long must we continue to turn our hearts and lives away from you? How long must we give ourselves to other lovers? God, we long to be set free of our sin. And we turn to you with broken spirits.

Bringing Our Complaint

God, we know that our sin is ours. But we lament the many ways we sinned against you. We have not listened to and obeyed your voice. We have sinned in our hearts, filled them with envy, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, and pride. We have sinned with our words. We have gossiped, complained, slandered, and spoken words that tear down. We have sinned with our actions. We have hurt others, been selfish, failed to love, and failed to share the hope of Christ with others. God, we confess our sin and lament the many ways we have fallen short of your glory.

Asking Boldly For Help

But God, we come before you today asking boldly for help. God, would you help us be holy as you are holy? Would you help us crucify the flesh? Would you help us walk by the Spirit? Would you help us put to death the deeds of the body? Would you help us to bear the fruit of the Spirit? Would you give us hearts that truly love you and love others?

Choosing To Trust

So God even in the depth of our sin, we choose to trust you. We choose to trust that Jesus cried out, "It is finished!" on the cross and so paid for all our sin. We choose to trust that if we confess our sins Jesus is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We choose to trust that you are faithful and you will completely sanctify us. We choose to trust that one day we will stand before you blameless and without fault. God, you are holy and righteous, but you are gracious and steadfast in love. God, we give ourselves to you today, even in our sin, and we trust in your mercies that are new every morning.