Let's be honest - raising children is difficult. And we need all the help we can get. In my sermon from Proverbs - Train Your Children - I mentioned that one of the things we can in our efforts to raise our children is to get help. Getting help from other mothers and fathers in the church is great way to seek help. Another great way is through sound, practical books on biblical parenting.

Here are three of the best books in my opinion on the issue of training our children to know and love the LORD:

Shepherding a Child's Heart, Ted Tripp


This book covers all the biblical catergories for raising children. It offers very helpful tips on different issues throughout the development of our children. This is probably one of the most biblically-faithful and resourceful books on the topic.

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Don't Make Me Count to Three!, Ginger Plowman


This book, while written from a mother's perspective, is one of the best books on dealing with heart issues with children. Our goal in parenting isn't to just control behavior. We want to teach our children to deal with the issues of their hearts. This book has very practical, real-world solutions to doing just that.

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Give Them Grace, Elyse Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson


This book is very helpful in thinking through how our parenting should be gospel-centered. While it's true that we do want our obey, it's equally true that we want them to know the grace of Jesus that is there to help when they don't. This book has very good, simple ways to use training our children as a means to share the gospel with them.

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