Ever since a massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, Christ Fellowship Church has been captivated by a mission to take the gospel to the people of that country. For four years we have partnered with a network called the Haiti Collective that seeks to plant biblical churches and care for orphans throughout Haiti. While I am typing this a team from Christ Fellowship is encouraging a growing body of believers in St Marc, Haiti through preaching the gospel, evangelism and Vacation Bible School. So stop whatever you are doing and pray for them right now. (Pray now. Are you praying?) 

Last night, our church took another amazing step in engaging the people of Haiti with the gospel. Our very own Jessie Mathieu is being sent to be the International Director for a ministry called Happy Kids International. A ministry that cares for the mind, body and soul of children in the country of Haiti. We spent Thursday evening hearing the vision for her ministry and we were given the opportunity to play a role in the mission. 

I want to share that opportunity with you. You can share a role in taking the gospel to Haiti and impacting the lives of children through Jessie Mathieu's ministry. You have the opportunity to advance the gospel through some easy steps. Here is how: 

  • PRAY- The most important thing that you can do is pray that people are impacted by the gospel through her ministry. Pray for the students she will be sharing the gospel with. Pray for her to grow in her spiritual walk. Pray that she will have boldness in living and sharing the good news. Pray that Happy Kids International continues the mission and that God blesses in numerous ways the mission. 
  • GO - Jessie would love to take you with her to see the ministry. Trust me, she told us herself last night. If you want to be a part of a future ministry trip just email her at the address below. Or, if you want to know more about the partnership we have in St. Marc than ask a pastor about future trips to go with Christ Fellowship through the Haiti Collective. 
  • GIVE - OK, so you knew this was coming. But as Americans we have been blessed in abundant ways. All too often we feel like all these financial blessings are given to make our life glorious. Yet, God gives people money to spread his glory among the nations. If you have any money as a Christian, you are called to be a steward of that money for the kingdom. To use the money so people can hear the life saving news that you heard when someone told you about Jesus. Jessie is headed to Haiti in September and needs finacial partners in the mission.

As I told the church tonight, we all have a role to play in the mission. What will your role be in the mission? Every church member of Christ Fellowship should find joy in praying for Jessie. Others that have the means to give should give money to help in the mission. And if the Lord gives opportunity to go than seize the opportunity and go share the love of Jesus.

Here is all you need to help:

        Email Jessie:

        Her blog:

        Give to the Mission: