Song of the Redeemed

We just completed 8 months of preaching through the book of Exodus as a church. And to capture the heart of the great themes of salvation and redemption from this book, Lance Parrott and I wrote this song. It's a song about the redemption we have as God's people filled with imagery from the Red Sea crossing to the Passover to Mount Sinai. The chorus of the song is a simple refrain from Psalm 115:1 and captures the heart of the book of Exodus - "Not to us, O Lord, but to Your Name be the glory."


Song of the Redeemed

You heard our cries, You saw our pain
You knew our sin had shackled us in chains
You came to us parting the sea
You made a way to set the captives free

This is the song that we will sing
This is the song of the redeemed

Not to us, O Lord, not to us
But to Your Name be the glory
Your Name be the glory

You sent your Son down from on high
To live for us, to suffer, and to die
Our spotless Lamb, perfect and free
His blood was shed to be our covering

You raised us up in cloud and flame
You showed to us the glory of Your Name
The Great I AM, Gracious and True
All praise and fame forever be to You