Christ Fellowship Church has a new logo.

Maybe you've noticed for a while now that we've been putting a new design here and there. Well, the time has come for the new logo to become official. 

Now of course a logo is not the most important part of a church. Centuries have passed without logos and Jesus has done just fine at building his church. Yet, a logo can communicate something about a specific church. And a good logo can communicate this quickly and clearly.

When Christ Fellowship began in 2009 we started with a logo that seemed fitting for what we were doing. Our church began in the downtown community of Bowling Green with a heart to reach those living in the poorest area of our city. The dove was a symbol of the hope that we have in the gospel of Christ. The buildings represented the inner city community that was our ministry focus. For six years, this logo has served us well. 

CFC Logo Long Small

Then the time came to be a little more clear on what our mission was as a church. We wanted a simpler design. We wanted something that matched our name better. And we wanted something that communicates what we're seeking to accomplish as a church. That's where this new logo comes in.


What you see is four different rectangles of different colors and each a different shape. This represents the fact that we are seeking to be a church of all people. People from all walks of life - black, white, Latino, rich, poor, American, international, young, old. Here is a sermon series on this mission of our church: Mosaic.

You also see that all the different shapes come together to make a cross. This is Christ Fellowship. We are a church of people from different backgrounds coming together to fellowship around the cross of Christ. Jesus is what brings us together. He is who we celebrate. He is who we worship. He is who we praise.

We hope you like the new logo. And more than that, we hope that you love the mission of Christ Fellowship to be a community of all people, for Christ, for his church, and for our city.