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We've Got Issues

Turn on the news and you can see we've got issues. We've got issues with who we are, issues with what it means to men and women, issues with how we look at one another. This three-week series turns to God's Word for help with three huge issues - life, sexuality, and race.

Sermons from this Series

Aug 14


August 14, 2016

The Gospel and Race

Preacher: Jody Sledge Scripture: Genesis 1:28 Series: We've Got Issues

Aug 7


August 7, 2016

The Gospel and Sexuality

Preacher: Brian Curtis Scripture: Genesis 1:27 Series: We've Got Issues

Jul 31


July 31, 2016

The Gospel and Life

Preacher: Lance Parrott Scripture: Genesis 1:26 Series: We've Got Issues