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Life is hard and there are so many reasons to have no peace. But Christ is with us. And he is himself our peace.

Good Friday. Easter Sunday. What do you do on Average Monday?

Immanuel is a beloved name of Jesus and a blessed name at Christmas time. But what does it mean? Where does it come from? And how does it change our lives?

In light of Sunday's sermon. . . .how priveleged are we on this side of the cross of Jesus!

Words that the world by storm. Words become common place. What if the gospel was the buzzword of our day? What if it was the buzzword of our church?

What if your Gospel is too small? Don't short change how good the good news really is.

What we miss in all of this Christmas noise? A King has come!

How does God both love sinners and love his glory at the same time? That's a hard question yet as we read from John Piper that God's answer comes in the gospel.